Joe's Eco-Nano Lube

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Highest efficiency & Environmental Friendly.

  • The Eurobike 2012 award winning Eco-Nano lube is the only lube that combines Nano technology with Eco based materials.

  • It will dramatically decrease the need for re-lubing between rides.

  • Delivers a smoother and longer ride.

  • Coats the chain with a thin layer of PTFE.

  • Contains unique Nano-particles for superior friction reduction.

  • Water based - Eco friendly.

  • VOC Free.

For WET conditions:

  • Good penetration, good metal adhesion with superior water and mud resistance for long lasting in extreme conditions.

  • Keeps chain cleaner compared to other wet condition lubes.

For DRY conditions:

  • Leaves drive-train parts dry, dust and dirt free.

  • Prevents chain suction.

  • Keeps chain cleaner compared to other lubes.

  • Slow penetration.

  • No greasy build up on chain and pulleys.

  • Leaves white and clean chain.

  • Repel dust.