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T2 Clipless Pedals are HT’s elite level BMX pedal. These are the same tried and true HT T2 pedal with the added BMX plate to prevent accidental release when starting a race at a sprint. These pedals have been tested and won multiple World Championships and are arguably one of the best clipless BMX pedal option available. They weigh in at a remarkable 372 g per pair. Are made from extruded CNC optimized aluminum for ultimate strength to weight ratio. They are very easy to engage and disengage. They also offer the most adjustable dual tension clip-in mechanism on the market. The adjustable clip tension allows riders to fine tune their pedals dependent upon course/trail conditions. Available in multiple colors!

Note: If you use these pedals in conjunction with a street style shoe it is highly recommended to use the metal cleat shim that comes with the shoes or cleats. It will greatly improve the clip-in and release action.

Size: 68 x 84 x 17mm (center)
Weight: 372 g / per pair
Cleat: HT exclusive/ X1, X1E – 4 degrees of float – 13 degree release angle / X1F – 8 degrees of float – 13 degree release angle / 64 g per pair
Material: aluminum extrusion/ CNC machined
Spindle: CNC machined chromoly [silver]
Bearing: 686zz sealed bearing + IGUS bushing

Pins: 4 replaceable pins per side