HT HT878 Clipless Pedals

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HT entry-level XC clipless pedals. The front bail entry system helps clear mud, ice, snow while engaging and the rear tension mechanism offers a high degree of pedal adjustability, all at a reasonable price point.

Note: If you use these pedals in conjunction with a street style shoe it is highly recommended to use the metal cleat shim that comes with the shoes or cleats. It will greatly improve the clip-in and release action.

Size: 60 x 46
Weight: 360 g / per pair
Cleat: HT exclusive/ H30, X1 - 4 degrees of float - 13 degree release angle / X1F - 8 degrees of float - 13 degree release angle / 63 g per pair
Material: aluminum
CNC Spindle: machined chromoly [silver]
Bearing: sealed / dual DU bushings