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Designed to be light, efficient, and fade from your mind while riding. The GP uses a classic race-inspired design with contoured wings that sweep away from the leg for complete freedom of movement. The GP has Eco+Light padding for both comfort and support and just the right width nose to allow you to move up during those tough climbs. Specs like these make the GP Series saddles the clear choice for race day, designed to help you achieve even your loftiest of goals and push your inner limits beyond what you thought possible. This saddle is used by Hrinkow UCI Continental road team as their go-to saddle and Maxxis Factory Off-Road Team in MTB World Cups.

Shell Material NY+carbon
Rail Material Carbon
Cover Material Microfiber
Padding Material EVA
Size (mm) (length x width)
276 x 137
Colors Black, White


Riding Posture: Aggressive/Race


(Vertical Clamping Seatpost Recommended for Smanie 7x9mm Carbon Rails)