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Sleek and aerodynamic - the DRS is designed for riders with an aggressive riding style who prefer a more curved geometry on the edges of the saddle. It is for those who are always pushing the limit in the breakaway and demand that their equipment performs at the same level they do. If you love an aggressive riding posture, but like saddles that allow added pedaling efficiency from curved edges this is the saddle for you.

Large Cut Out, Rolled Edges

The DRS is a racers saddle. It utilizes a large cut out from back to front to give the rider the ability to get as arrow as possible with full pelvic rotation without sacrificing comfort in the perineum area. Wider saddles have always been a double-edged sword. They provide a large platform to allow the rider to put down maximum power, but many times lead to bruising on the back of riders legs on longer rides. The rolled edges of the DRS allow for those who are pushing speed to the limits to have full leg extension through the pedal stroke and reduce the amount the wider sit-bone area of the saddle comes in contact with the hamstring muscle.


It is at Smanie’s core to always be pushing the limits as to what we can do to make our saddles more environmentally friendly. We start by producing all of our products from recycled materials. That includes our covers, foam, bases, rails, and even our packaging.

Modern Racing Shape

The DRS is the evolution of the modern style racing saddle. It's sleek lines beg for speed. It is short, yet long enough that the profile of the saddle creates a clear area for the sit-bones to rest. It takes the thought out of which position is best a powerful riding posture by creating a clearly defined due to the gentle slope from the rear to the middle section of the saddle. The DRS is 247mm long by 145 mm wide - short, sleek and speed oriented.

Modern Look, More Comfort

The DRS has a classic understated look that makes it clear choice for anyone that wants to keep the focus on the bike itself. Black saddle, black graphics keep the saddle simple yet stylish. That doesn't mean the saddle isn't packed with features. The rail bend purposefully gives the saddle some of the most forward or aft rail adjustment of any saddle on the market. The understated graphics are purposefully placed to add just a bit of grip to the saddle without going overboard. The unique suspended base design keeps the saddle stiff enough to allow for optimal power transfer into the pedals, yet allow for just enough give to dampen road vibrations.

Riding Posture: Aggressive/Race


Shell Material Nylon+Fiberglass
Rail Material Chromoly
Cover Material Polyurethane
Padding Material EVA
Weight 240+/-5g
Dimensions (mm) 247x145
Intended Use Road, Gravel, CX, XC MTB