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The inside line, coming in hot - the Apex is designed for riders with an aggressive riding style. It is for those who are just as at home in a criterium race as they are sending the steeps on their XC or trail bike. If you love an aggressive riding posture, this saddle is for you. The use of ETPU + Gel padding means that the Apex is ideal for long days in the saddle. The Apex features a short-nose that is designed to keep the rider in the sweet spot and eliminates the need to shift positions on the saddle.

Wide Platform, Gently Sloping Profile

The wide and flat platform at rear portion of the saddle gives the rider the perfect perch for maximum stability while putting down huge efforts. The Apex is the evolution of the GP series. It takes the classic flat profile of the GP and introduces a gentle slope from back to front that puts the rider into the power position. It also utilizes a large cut out from back to front to give the rider the ability to get as aero as possible with full pelvic rotation without sacrificing comfort in the perineum area.


It is at Smanie’s core to always be pushing the limits as to what we can do to make our saddles more environmentally friendly. We start by producing all of our products from recycled materials. That includes our covers, foam, bases, rails, and even our packaging.

Modern Racing Shape

The Apex is is as modern as it gets. It's sleek lines beg for speed. It is short, yet long enough that the profile of the saddle creates a clear area for the sit-bones to rest. It takes the thought out of which position is best for a powerful riding posture by creating a clearly defined area due to the gentle slope from the rear to the middle section of the saddle. The Apex is 252mm long by 146 mm wide - short, sleek and speed oriented.

More Features, Better Performance

The Apex has incorporates ETPU + Gel padding to allow for the thinnest padding profile but,  yet still offer support when rides are beyond the 3-hour mark. This saddle incorporates our newest and best vibration dampening technologies including our proprietary Nylon blended base that allows for maximum compliance while still remaining supportive when the terrain gets rough. In addition to the vibration dampening technology in the base, the unique flex rail technology gives the rider the most supple and vibration-free ride possible all while being lightweight .

Riding Posture: Aggressive/Race

Shell Material Nylon+Fiberglass
Rail Material Chromoly
Cover Material Polyurethane
Padding Material PU+ETPU Gel
Weight 240+/-5g
Dimensions (mm) 252x146
Intended Use Road, XC MTB, Gravel, CX