HT Components' Clipless line-up gets an Upgrade

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HT Components' Clipless line-up gets an Upgrade


We got a hands-on look at the updated HT clipless pedals line up. 

We swapped out the previous models we’ve been riding and headed to the trails.

The changes are subtle but after just a few rides on them we could feel the difference.


Here are some of the key differences to highlight.


Starting with the M2 right out of the box we noticed its’ new shape.

They got a larger face and larger corner edges. The inner plate is no longer flat and is beveled on top and bottom.


The larger face provides a larger contact surface for the riders shoe while the inner bevel gives the larger pedal surface more stability.



For the T2 Enduro pedal the body received some additions. The back frame got a little more structure to hold the 2 extra pins added to the rear of the platform.


These pins created much more grip and traction in the technical and tight sections. The inside of the pedal body got a little beefier to house larger internals.



The X3 received some notable changes. Immediately we see the new front plate added for easy clip in front to back sliding in. 


 The back plate also received some slight shape tweaks to allow for less sticking of the cleat to the sides of the plate. These back plates were used on later model X2 pedals too.



With each pedal getting some noticeable changes, all of them got some hard to spot upgrades too.

The bevels added to the outside of small inner plate allows for less drag releasing from the pedal allowing for a quick and smooth exit. Both the front and backside bevel help with the shedding of dirt and mud in rough riding conditions.


 With larger platforms, Internally each of the pedals got a larger sealed bearing and bushing to increase longevity, performance, and durability. Next to those bearings are new dust seals for better water and dust resistance.


With these upgrades every pedal did gain some weight.

The M2 gains 7 gram, The T2 11 grams, and the X3 17 grams. Overall a small gain for some big improvements.